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We had a cool break a few weeks ago. We loved it. We all dragged our jumpers out of the back of the wardrobe brushed off the moths and snuggled into them. We even lit the fire in March – unheard of…….What happened next? Back came the summer, away went the jumpers and everyone started complaining. Seriously when you can smell winter and damp in the air it should stay there right? Not be replaced by the dry dusty smell that gets into the back of your nose and into the crevices of your skin. Im done with summer. We even have the afternoon storms trying to build now …. which is crazy ….. as it simply doesn’t rain, the clouds just tease us, and tease us they do. Have a look at these pictures.
Can you see those teasing clouds? and what about this one?

The sun is beating down on us so warm, its been the warmest April on record. How is the weather in your part of the world?
This old house sits in the centre of my home town. Its been there a hundred years – I’m sure. As I’m sitting here waiting, I’m wondering who lives there. Who has lived there and how do they keep cool in this heat. I can imagine the people inside trying to cool down. There are no trees close to the building to offer any relief and there is no breeze to brush against anyones skin to cool anyone down. You can see how our quick touch of winter, last week, has greened up the grass some…Oh how I love summer but really we have all had enough here in hot Aussie……..