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Hello and Welcome

I’m Lynda,

I am a member of The Nutrition Association of Australia.  I have completed a Bachelor of Nutrition with Torrens University. My focus and passion is to guide clients that are suffering with Metabolic stress, digestive disorders and chronic illness, to find a practical way towards a real food lifestyle.

I have personal experience with living with a chronic disease, lowering my own blood sugar levels and returning my blood pressure to normal, through a real food style of living.  Informing clients and living my life by example is my strength.

Increasing the knowledge and health of our community is my aim.  I offer services to help you to find the right pathway for you and your family.

I have presented workshops to over 50 people, I have worked in small community groups offering my services and I have also worked 1 on 1 to increase food awareness.  I have worked as a volunteer for a non-for-profit organization in Perth, providing nutritional education to mums and bubs, and older Australians.

I also currently teach Pilates and offer workshops in movement.  I have also completed extensive study with the Tim Noakes Association – The Nutrition network as a source of extra knowledge to compliment my Bachelor of Nutrition.

I have worked as a Doula, assisting mothers to birth naturally and safely, I have worked across many careers and have landed finally at the career that is my love.  Nutrition for everyone.  Innerevolution is the result of many years of study and personal growth.

I have 4 grown children and 6 grandchildren; I live on acreage in Perth, love my border collie Mollie,  raise chickens and dexterously attempt to grow vegetables.  I am constantly searching for the newest science and relatable nutritional information that I can share with interested people.


My Qualifications

Bachelor Of Nutrition

Advanced Skin Analysis 

Pilates Matt and Reformer Trained

Cert V Personal Training


Diabetes Reversal

Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment

Nutrition Network Advisor Training 

Holistic Lifestyle Coach 3