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Hello and welcome to Innerevolution

Innerevolution was born out of the necessity to help others find out all about food.  Food affects us in so many ways and my our mission to spread the word and help you to understand what’s driving your body. Innerevolution is a HUB to uncomplicate clean healthy balanced ways of living.  Sign up for my newsletters and find yourself immersed in goodness for your body, mind and spirit. In my blog you will find recipes, life stories, inspiration to help you design and align your lifestyle to your own core values and beliefs. Follow the recipes to learn how to increase our plant-based food consumption with healthy options.  Nutritional density is the key to living the best life you can and at Innerevolution we aim to make the journey enjoyable.  Giving you the opportunity to live a well-balanced, happy, healthy lifestyle.


Become the farmer for your body

At Innerevolution we will show you how to shop for local food to encourage a healthy body and mindset.  Hunter Gathering  in your local community to find the best fit for you. Absorbing articles of interest and soaking up the knowledge to make the best you possible. Food is thy medicine and medicine they food – Hippocrates – was a great statement back in the 1800’s and it’s even more awesome now. Movement, food and mind set go a long way to helping us create a space to grow and nurture. Nutrient dense food can affect our mood, our daily activities, our choices and our ability to keep moving.  Alleviating aches and pains and keeping our bodies free from chronic disease is all related to the kind of food we choose to put into our bodies. Great food encourages the health of our gut, so important for hormone production, perfect sleep patterns and fertility.

Returning to our nourishing traditional way of eating is what Innerevolution is all about. Taking time to eat well, but also to learn about who we are. Finding our pathway that leads us to a balanced, active, healthy lifestyle.  Full of life and vitality!


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This is Me

This is Me

Following my heart

 I’m Lynda


I am here because of my own journey into health and well being.  Of changing my mindset and working with whatever comes across my path to learn more about who I am and what I believe in.   Travelling through a very real-life threatening illness, immersing myself in nutrition to help my body cope with many influences to return to a state of health.  Continuously seeking nutritionally dense food to give my body and me the best chance I can. Embracing new knowledge and looking in the mirror from time to time learning about external influence and internal language. Celebrating the changes along this journey. and embracing the pain of change, always on the path to self-discovery and fulfilment.


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