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Petite Coo to Kronenberg

The new Belgium ‘flat’ is 3-8% gradient with a head wind – man oh man tough ride today too may 8-12% gradient hills for me it took 4 hours to cover 56k and we finished at a walled city with 12-15% to get up to it! 1k of climbing who said Belgium was flat ! We are hungry exhausted and sitting enjoying a cold beer. There is an art exhibition In this walled city – people every where like ants.  It is warm temp was 24 today makes a nice change from rain. We didn’t stay to watch the UCI race wanted to make the most of the fine day for traveling.  We have a room ‘a small French bed’ 140 wide normal length for 90 euro including breakfast – breakfast has been costing 24 euro for 2 – 24 euro total.  Dinner has been around 35-40 Euro and lunch around 12 – we have started buying fruit which is pretty cheap and finding bags of nuts to carry to munch on a coffee is around 3-4 euros although we can’t find a decent one. The language has changed again from French back to German – lots of ‘Swine’ on the menu which is Pork