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I’ve been a bit slack at my blog over the past half a year but things have been happening life goes on. Maybe I’ll bring it all to light in my next few posts but for now – did I tell you we have dogs? Three glorious border collies. Rose is 12 ish Kalli is 2 ish and Bill or steam shovel is 8 months. When we first got Rose we didn’t really know much about dog worlds. It seemed to be the right thing to do. We’d got the kid thing down pat and now it seemed we needed a pet. Well I did – Bernie wasn’t fussed. So Rose came home. Small bundle of black and white fluff… She was a good puppy the kids adored her. She lived a good dog life. She grew as the kids did and we have many memories of her coming to the beach at Tims Thicket and chasing the waves. Greeting us when we came home. Playing with the kids. She was loved but she was lonely. We didnt really know how lonely she was till we got a new dog when Rose was 9. Cilla came to live with us – good name choice after Cilla Black the female singer. Cilla was a terrific dog. She used to love sitting in the sheep troughs in the summer. Smart to keep cool. Rose liked her and generally she was a good dog. Cept one day she followed us out of the driveway unbeknown to us and she met her fate with a truck. Very sad day for us. We came home and Bernie found her. We more so sad, sobbed for days and I decided to find another pup as I couldn’t stand the look of sadness on Bernies face. I searched on the net and found a breeder in Albany. John from Bordabemyn. He had a female if we wanted her. Kalli came to meet us and joined our family the next weekend. She was also a good dog. Haven’t met a Border Collie who isn’t well behaved. But I am a little biased I guess. Kalli just loved us. We loved her too even if she was a bit licky. She will slurp her pink tongue up your leg in full stride or your arm or even your face. Not a fan of that. She just loves to lick us. It’s annoying as hell but she loves us and we love her back and she knows it. So Kalli and Rose have sorted out the Top Dog situation. It’s interesting to watch this doggy language that they have. There is always a competition – well Kalli thinks there is – to see who can get the closest to Bernie. He really is the Top Dog I keep telling him. So Rose and Kalli settled and life went on. Rose is old now she is 13 years old and I’m sure she creaks as she walks. She has tablets to help her and she’s a real Nan. Shes very grey and sits sensibly while the other dogs run around like crazy kids. Each winter we look at Rose and think “Hmm are you going to make it through this winter?” it’s very sad but it’s part of life. She always does survive. Each summer she has a great time. She chases Kangaroos and gets sore joints and has to sit still for a few days. She’s happy. We decided last winter to get another dog in case the inevitable happened to Rose. We chose Billi a boy. From John the Breeder. Billie was due to come home on last christmas day. We were going away for the christmas break so, asked John to come and collect all our dogs and we would pick them up just after New Year. Which is pretty much what happened. We drove down to Albany across from Margaret River – 3 hour drive – to collect our 3 doggies now on January 2nd. We bought them home and loved them. Life settled down after all the Christmas and New Years hype and we got back to work. Towards the end of January. Elle our youngest daughter came inside to me and said “Mum have you noticed Kalli’s nipples – they are wrong!” as only a teenager can say. I popped outside and looked at Kalli and said “Hmm Dog there is something wrong with you!” I rang John the breeder and said “John did you put any boys in with Kalli?” “No, well only Buddy and he wasn’t interested”. “John I think we have pups” “No way they won’t be my dogs” So we counted back the days and worked out Kalli woould be about 2 weeks from having the pups. Man oh man – what do I do with a pregnant dog. How will I know what to do? So I panicked and I searched Google and U Tube and read and saw that I was to get sheets and dental floss. Dental floss incase I needed to tie off the chords. So I was set, John came up and saw us on Feburary 13th – which was a Sunday and said “They’ll be born tomorrow” He was right they were born on February 14th – Valentines Day. Kalli went into labour early in the morning and when we let her out of the whelping box for a run she tried to dig a hole to birth her babies. We coaxed her back into the whelping box and the pups were born one by one from 9 am to 12.40. 7 wonderful fluffy puppies. 4 boys 3 girls. 2 red and white 5 black and white. Kalli amazed me. She knew exactly what to do. She birthed them in a breeze and cleaned and licked and sorted out the chords. I just watched in amazement. The pups all lived – she pushed them on to her teats and then attended the next pup. No Need for dental floss – no wonder John smiled at me when I suggested it. So Kalli was the proud mother of 7 pups