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I was watching the Australia Fishing Show this afternoon.  I enjoy watching the odd fishing show, which might sound a bit weird but I do.  Its a show set in the Kimberley’s.  It shows beautful majestic scenery,  and it shows fishermen catching the odd Barramundi or two. Fresh and Salt water.  They have a presenter from the ABC TV station visiting the Kimberly’s (Northern Australia) and chatting to a young guy – Angus Mundell.  As I watched this young man, I noticed his gentleness, and the careful way he handled the fish.  How he carefully took the hook out, once the fish were caught, and then tossed them back.  I really admired his lay back attitude and began to think of other people I’d met that had this Crocodile Dundee kind of an aura about them.   Real salt of the earth and true characters of the northern rugged parts of our country. He looked gentle yet rough.  He looked full of wisdom and a real aussie bloke.  I listened and watched and enjoyed a small glimpse into his life.   Then as the credits rolled up at the end of the show, these words appeared “This episode was made in honour of the late Angus Mundell – who died shortly after this filming” I was gutted. I was floored – it took my breathe away.  So I headed to google and it seemed that Young Angus – who was 40 – died whilst flying his beloved helicopter mustering.  I couldn’t quite believe what I was reading,  it so I searched some more and while I was searching I began to get mad.  Mad that senseless, confused young men can hold a suburb in America to ransom while other young guys are out there doing there stuff and still get taken.  I mean what makes these young Muslim fellas think its ok to bomb a suburb and injure people and take lives?  Here we have good clean aussie guys happily living their life, causing no one any grief, and they die in a dreadful accident and then we have these young muslim men planning to take lives – the world is crazy.   I know it happens all over the world, and will continue to do so.  It just makes my blood boil and I can’t at all comprehend what gets into the heads of these “terrorist like” young men.  Someone surely must get inside their heads. Anyhow here is the link about Angus a tribute to a sensational young Kimberly Character …….  my heart goes out to his family.