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Food Poisoning…..  I  was sitting chatting to an old friend recently.  She used to work in the ED department of a hospital.  We laughed how it always happens when you have a small family that the kids always got sick on Sunday night and usually on a long weekend and you would wait in the Emergency Department for hours!  Last place anyone would want to be.  I asked her what it was like working those shifts as I know waiting for help at those times was horrid! to say the least.  She laughed and said it was good times,  lots of fun, but she was always impressed by the fact that some people would turn up “sick” and be well by the time they received the medical attention they had come along for.  She said it was really obvious that these people just had food poisoning.  I commented that was a quick recovery from “food poisoning” usually lasts longer than 4 hours.  She explained not “Food Poisoning” as in vomiting and the rest that goes along with it –  rather  “Food Poisoning” from a lifestyle point of view.  She said its inevitable, these people present as over weight, heart palpitations, hot clammy bodies, over stressed.  If you eat too much, don’t exercise, drink too much indulge in the fine lifestyle then you are actually food poisoning yourself.  It’s a new way of looking at it I guess.  Whats your thoughts?  Have you or anyone you know ever had “Food Poisoning?”  ……………..  makes you want to think twice about what you’re putting in your body.

My Moto is just     Eat   Real    Food     if the food has ingredients I can’t pronounce I don’t eat it. Real  Food    that you put into your body will heal and nourish you, and you will actually become what you eat.  So if you want a healthy body, with some muscle tone and glowing skin hair and nails – think about what you’re putting in to it.  As well as what you’re doing with your body in the mean time.  Do you take time out to be quiet, just for you – to contemplate the week or month or the moment?  Are you thankful for what you have.  Do you make time to Dance and be Happy and move your Body,  are your conscious of the food and what the ingredients are in the food that you consume,  Food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food  ………

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