Treats For You


Initial Clinical Nutrition Assessment

Session 1 –  60mins.

Exceptionally detailed consultation where Lynda will listen to you as you discuss your health concerns. She will review your lifestyle choices, your normal eating pattern and nutrition history.

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Session 2 – 30mins.

Lynda will guide you through your Nutritional Assessment, Functional Health, Mindset and present with your individually tailored Nutritional Health Plan.

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Touching Base Refresh 

On completion of your plan, follow up sessions are advised and can be scheduled.  Usually a  half hour visits that are utilised to encourage commitment and discuss areas of distraction to assist your in living your plan.

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Mindset coaching

 Session 1 – 60 minutes to highlight areas of need.  Inner Sabotage, Inner Child Healing. Positive   mindset are some concepts that can be addressed in this session.

During this session clients learn tools to help them in distracting situations.

Session 2 – 30  minutes addressing areas of distraction and increasing positive mindset. Implementation and practise of tools and thought patterns learnt from session 1.

Session 3 – 30  minutes addressing areas of distraction and increasing positive mindset. Ongoing nurturing of habits formed and practised. Keep practising the skills and refresh here


Pantry Clean out/ Hunter Gatherer session

Let me help you organize your food in your pantry.  Health choices, clean layout = healthy you.

Or lets explore our local environment to discover your true Hunter Gatherer Food Warrior

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Packages can be bought in groups of 1, 3 or 5. Please contact us here for further pricing and a confidential discussion on your needs.


Your Wellness Journey Begins here

Choosing one of the packs on this page is the beginning of your exciting journey into wellness.  Carefully and mindfully listening to your heart and your mind as you select the best package to help you experience the best health that you can.

Heart Mind and Body

I never regret anything. Because every little detail of your life is what made you into who you are in the end.

Drew Barrymore

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Standing on the edge of uncertainty can feel like standing on the end of a cliff.

There is no going back once your have made the decision to move forwards and take the leap.  Let me take the leap with you.  Lets walk this journey together as we discover the uniqueness of you.  The beauty of your inner sole, and the person that is waiting to meet you.  The journey can be so exhilerating and so easy but the fear is real.


Happy Customers

Lynda has helped me work thrugh issues I have had in relationships – her skills are excellent and her approach is gentle and nurturing.  I recommend her to anyone that feels unsure – shes your girl.

Kylie Walsh

I didn’t realize eating clean can be so easy, but it has been a journey too.  Lynda is a wealth of knowledge and is warm and approachable . You will earn to appreciate you – and thats important.

Joanna Greenham

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