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Wow its been so long since I’ve been on my blog – not good. I want to share my recent trip to France with my Hubbie and our bikes. Was a huge adventure and we had so much fun so here goes. Grab a cuppa sit back and read. read,  read…..

27th July 2010

Weather warm and humid. Gentle 46.5k ride to St Dennis from Orleans – 1727 calories. Nice ride had lunchwith  Deb and Mike at Combleaux, Lovely gorgeous building on the side of the Loire River  – yummmmm we had Creme Brule and Kettlepot chocolate mouse you can have these things when you ride 🙂 

Ride Orleans to Blois

Debbie and Mike left us today they headed off to paris and after a visit to the tourist bureau we set off on our first long ride to Bois.  We visited Teh Chateau Chambord, really long ride but particularly long up the avenue through the entrance gates. We stopped on the way at st laurez Dazou – I had a coffee Bernie had water – weather was so warm and sticky we were both exhausted when we arrived at the Chateau. Starving for food as we had forgotten to pack nuts or fruit in our hurry to begin our adventure.  We found yummy healthy kebabs, turkey and veal – different.  Small salad and some frites. Well lots of frites. In France a Kebab is served open  – no wrap – with salad on the side and lots of frites – fries.  We had a really nice cold fantastic drink and found a nice spot on the lawn of the Châteaux to devour our lunch.  We collapsed and after a short refreshing rest we headed off to the Chateau to walk. Carried our packs on our backs still and changed out of our clip shoes into walking shoes.  Lycra clad cyclists in the Chateau. Novel.  Teh Chateau was really massive showing the ac=rchitecture of the time. it was not completed for some 32 years. Finally we arrived in Blois at around 6ish in the evening and luckily the Ibis had an air conditioned room for 2 nights – sheer bliss.  One hot shower some lasagne and cabonara and bed. 71 kilometers 2800 calories phew!

Friday 30th July

Rode out to Montressor  and then up to Gemille from Loches. was 41k ride and when we returned to Loches we bought a picnic lunch of local cheese and meat and pate with some Rose’ and had lunch in the jardin was so nice. We had dinner at the oldest restaurant but my choice of meals was not good. We returned home full never the less and tired. I did manage to fall on my ride as I struggled up a good climb along cobblestones. When I got to the top of the road I couldn’t grab on anything to hold still and I couldn’t unclip so plop sideways I fell and took skin off my leg and bruised my ego.

August 4th

Rode from Loches to Azay Le Rideau lots of strong head wind. hardest ride so far total of only 51.8 km and 2000 cal worst food and worst coffee. We stayed at Best Western – really friendly staff. Off to Chinon via Villandry and Usse – supposed to be sleeping beauty castle I’ll see – by the end of our trip I should’ve covered 500k on my bike Im happy with that:)

August 5th

Rode from Loches to Chinon – was 54.8 k we went via Villandry and really lovely châteaux with fantastic gardens. Then up to Usse which is the sleeping beauty castle. bit ofa differnt twist on things adn the owners have put mannequins in the fashion of the day into the rooms so the perspective is very different.  Lots of tiny staircases which I didnt enjoy – we then rode on to Chinon – ride was quite hilly and I was starting to complain 5 k out. 1751 calories used on the ride – i finally got caught with the raw mice whin i ordered tea :(( :(( we are not sure where to next –  I am worried we wont get a bike box out of France.

Ride to Sameur on Sunday only 16k and very flat although quite warm.We didn’t like Samuer do not stay at Kriak  the hotel and the most comfortable bed and nice clean bathroom but we had a condom full of coke a cola thrown up into our room in the middle of  the day, into our very hot room – no air con or “acclimatization” Not in a nice area. During the night we had a street brawl and we had to have our windows open as the room was so hot. The room didn’t start to cool down till about 4am. After climbing up to the châteaux the next day we discovered it was closed for renovation. so we headed over to the tank museum very interesting.  We caught the 1.05 train after missing the 10am train by 5 minutes. We had decided to head back to Paris and make our way to Frankfurt our departure airport.  It cost us 17 euro to catch the train from Samur to paris.  It was a TER train so we could stake our bikes in the carriage with us.  The carriage on this train had a bike painted on it and unlike the journey down we had a place to hang our bike and enjoy a comfortable seat..  The journey is about 4 hours with a one hour stop at Tours where we had a beer and then back on the train apart from the crying baby we had a pleasant journey to arrive in Paris at 5pm at Austerlitz. A train station in central Paris.  We rode to Hotel  Palym for the Night just near the Guard De Lyon. The next day we found ourself to The Metz station where the trains leave for  Frankfurt. 

Monday 9/8/2010

We did work out the train to Strasburg after asking 4 different information clerks. A Young Man called Michelle saved our lives after we had made four different enquiries at Accuel Centres in different train stations.  We found the same when we were travelling through the  Loire Valley – France is so much more heavily populated than Australia people can only ever possibly know what is going on close by they have no knowledge of things too far away – they don’t need to know about them. So you have to have lots of patients and perseverance to find out what you need to do.  To catch the train to Frankfurt – you have to catch the train from Guard Le Est. You can catch a TER Train there so you can still have your bikes hanging and not in a box.

Train left at 13.15 we have four hours to Strasburg in a moderatly comfortable train. 1. Tip- everyone gets in at the first carriage so it fills really quickly this carriage was actually the same carriage for the bikes as it had a bike painted on the side. One of you needs to get on the train onto the bike carriage and look for the bikes painted on the side – then the other person scouts for seats 🙂


Rode 95k from Strasburg to Karlshrue. Flat hot ride up the Rhine. The cycle path is well-marked and is a mix of sealed bitumen and unsealed loose gravel.  Ride through cornfields and apple trees we stopped and paddled in a nice stream for my feet – the cycle path is ok but it does take you around the world – we used a garmin edge and it took us on the roads which ended up being more direct.  Arrived at the Ibis saddle sore and weary.  Ate some nice good at a local pub with not so good service.


Rode from karlshure to Heidelberg undulating ride so far 55k stopped for lung at a pub in Nusswlock  It was a good ride.