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I’m reading David Wolfe’s book Longevity Now.  In the book David talks about a lot of things but whats caught my eye is why we need to soak or activate our nuts before we eat them. According to David Wolfe, raw nuts are an excellent choice to eat out of the bag.  They become a problem when we eat too many of them.  Like over doing anything in your diet, over eating nuts can cause damage to your gut.  It’s partially due to phytic acid.  Phytic acid is the plants self defense mechanism.  The nut really wants to be planted not to be eaten.  The Phytic acid binds to essential minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium – nutrients that we would rather use than waste.  Soaking the nuts neutralizes the Phytic acid and lets our bodies access and utilize these nutrients.  If you are following a Westin A Price way of eating then you will soak, germinate, dehydrate and flavor before you would consider eating them. So they can cause a fair bit of damage to vulnerable people who may already have issue with their gut.  In the end,  soak your nuts, decrease teh phytic acid load – that’s the best place to start.

To soak your nuts you only need to place them in a bowl for around 12 hours. Generally until they feel soft. The soaking also breaks down the sugars in the nuts into simple sugars – easier to digest again.  It’s all necessary if you have a leaky gut, or an irritated gut, but generally it is much better for your body.  Once they are soft – you can dehydrate them at 115 Fahrenheit or dry them in the sun.  If your feeling like a treat then season them with your favorite sea salt and herbs and spices.  I enjoy salting mine and using a curry mix with some turmeric and cumin to enhance their flavors.  If I feel like a salty snack – they are my go to!