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Type 2 diabetes is a scary word if you have just been diagnosed.  I know that I was almost pre-diabetic a year ago and I was totally shocked and scared at the same time. Terrified of what this diagnosis might mean.  I was really unsure how this could be happening to me.  Testing my blood glucose before and after meals helped me work out what foods were doing what to my body.    I had been mostly grain free for a good while and thought I was eating healthy.  It surprised me what food was actually doing to my body, and what glucose response I was having.  My resting glucose was around 5.5 – which is on the verge of pre-diabetes.  Now its sits around 5.  Its taken me a year to get to this level.

The cases of Type 2 diabetes world wide is growing at an exponential rate.  According to the Australian Institute of Health and Wellness there is an estimated 1.2 million Australians – that’s 4.9% of the population, that had diabetes in 2017-18. Around 1.2 million hospitalizations were associated with diabetes in 2017-18, and diabetes contributed to 11% of Australian deaths during this period.   So… if you have been diagnosed your not alone.  These numbers are shocking.



  What exactly is diabetes?


Type 2 diabetes occurs when the pancreas can no longer make insulin to reduce blood glucose levels. Glucose is another word for sugar. Sugar comes from the white deadly stuff, but also from white flour, starchy vegetables (anything that grows under the ground) , bread, rice, pasta, grains and is even present in dairy milk  All of these foods when eaten will cause an higher spike of sugar in your blood stream.  You can read an official explanation about Type 2 Diabetes at Diabetes Australia  here

What does this mean for you?  Well if you are trying to loose weight and you’re having  no success.  Or if you loose weight to find you rebound back fairly quickly.  If you feel tired most of the time, have little energy and some brain fog then you might find it useful to test your blood sugar levels. You can purchase a blood glucose monitor at your chemist.  It will cost you around $60.00.   Its beneficial to also purchase the blood glucose monitor that not only tests blood glucose but also ketones.  Ketones are important for brain function, its also great to know you have ketones present in your blood, as the mere fact that they are there, means your blood glucose is low.

I hear from lots of people that are struggling with muffin tops, or “love handles”  that work out like a boss at the gym, only to find that the scales aren’t moving. That their blood pressure is climbing and in actual fact their waistlines may be getting larger too.  In Australia women who have a waist line in excess of 31.5 inches or 80cm,  and men who have  waist line in excess of 37 inches or 94 cm  are considered to be on the slippery slope to cardio vascular health issues and of course type 2 diabetes.  Get your tape measure out and see where you sit on the scale, if that’s easy, but at the end of the day you will know that your waist is a bit too thick, I’m sure.

From my studies it would appear that type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes comes first and then cardio vascular disease arrives, or do they just develop at the same time?    If you are finding your blood pressure is creeping up, and your blood sugar or blood glucose is also creeping up then you really are not alone.  If you’ve looked at the numbers on the diabetes web site in the link above,  you can see this is a modern day pandemic.  Its important for you to take your life into your control do you home work, work with a health coach that specializes in type 2 diabetes health, and get yourself on track. Its a simple equation once you know how to run with it, and muffin tops and love handles will become a thing of the past.

Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes is a slippery slope that begins at least 10 years before any diagnosis is reached.   You’ve probably seen the photo on social media of the beach front in the 70’s –


What do you notice abut this picture – no muffin tops,

but only slender, muscular bodies. 

That’s what we are supposed to look like.  We are not supposed to carry excess

weight on our bodies.

It is my belief that all chronic disease begins from the modernization and industrialization of our food.  Since supermarkets were introduced our health issues have risen exponentially.  Now we can easily wander through the shops, in our brain fog states, purchase our usual staples and by no fault of our own, make ourselves sick.  We are literally sold the story that the food on the shelves is good for us.  Its not.   We are in the habit, and have been sold the story of expecting treats on the weekends, and extra goodies if we watch a move. This is not the way we are supposed to eat.    Its only making the Food Giants Richer, an the population sicker.  If you are serious about looking after you and taking this journey further please book in for a 30 minute phone call and we can see where we can go from there.  Over to you ……