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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Eat Well Feel Great

Rumi says…

“Whatever lifts the corners of your mouth – trust that”.

Confused by the food information overload?

There is so much information out there about our food choices. It’s no wonder it can be confusing. 

   Are you ready to begin your own exciting wellness journey? 

  Tired of feeling tired?

  Do you want to get your mojo back and start enjoying your life to the fullest? 

If you’re ready to take on some new learning contact me for a free 15 minute chat to see how we can start you moving in the right direction.

Innerevolution was developed to take the confusion out of food choices. To drive the nutritional change needed.  To alleviate nutritional confusion.

  • To improve nutritious food choices
  • Make life easier for my clients
  • Educate my clients to understand why food choices are important for wellness, health, vitality, strength, and positive ageing
  • To make food FUN!

Hi, I’m Lynda

I am a member of The Nutrition Association of Australia.  I have completed a Bachelor of Nutrition with Torrens University. My focus and passion is to guide clients that are suffering with Metabolic stress, digestive disorders and chronic illness, to find a practical way towards a real food lifestyle.

I have personal experience with living with a chronic disease, lowering my own blood sugar levels and returning my blood pressure to normal, through a real food style of living.  Informing clients and living my life by example is my strength.

Increasing the knowledge and health of our community is my aim.  I offer services to help you to find the right pathway for you and your family.

How I can help you

Discovery Pack
40 minutes @ A$100.00
I offer a complete review of your current eating pattern
I offer a comprehensive list of tips and tricks to help you to stay on track
I can show you why it feels so difficult to maintain a healthy weight for your body
Understanding the pitfalls and hormonal changes in your body will be a life saver for you.
Recap - Follow up Nutrition call
30 minutes @ A$65.00
During this session we will discover things that might go wrong, and how to fix them. To understand why its important to keep following a real food lifestyle. We will discover together how fantastic it feels for you and how your body will be responding. Its a chat and hash out the wrinkles session. You must attend the Discovery session first.
Personalised Education Plan

40 minutes @ A$120.00

If you are already half on the right rack and want to understand the real food lifestyle at a deeper level, then this service, which includes a 7 day guide to healthier eating, is for you. Included in the plan are scientific references you can explore and discover in your own time, to find the right pathway for you. The plan includes articles, books, podcasts and newsletters, that I have found useful on my journey. This plan will deepen your level of understanding and ultimately your commitment to you.
In Home Service
3 hours @ A$450.00
I offer a 3 hour in home service. I will health check your pantry, assist you with personal shopping choices and deliver a cooking class either savoury or sweet or fermented food to you and 4 of your friend. In thew Perth Metro Area. This service is designed to provide you with the current scientific information about fats, protein and carbs. It is a bespoke service that is designed with you in mind.
7 Day Meal Plan - On a Budget
Download your free meal plan today!


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